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A phone displaying a tweet from Stephen Diehl (@smdiehl) that reads: 'Superb interview with actual economist @vhranger talking about crypto. Absolutely brilliant interview.', with a link to a YouTube video
A phone displaying the Apple Podcasts app with 'Listen Now. Up Next: Podqueue. Cryptocurrency Interview', showing the same YouTube video now listenable as a podcast episode
A phone showing the same tweet from before with the iOS share sheet up from tapping on the YouTube link and a red arrow pointing to a button which reads 'Save In PodQueue'
How PodQueue Works
You find something you want to listen to online.
You save the webpage in PodQueue.
PodQueue finds the audio on the webpage and adds it to your PodQueue playlist.
You listen to it in your favorite podcast player.

PodQueue works with links from: YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Patreon, Twitter, NPR, TED, CNN, the BBC…and more!

  • Privacy First! Everything you save in PodQueue is private by default. No ads, no trackers. You control your own data.
  • Save time! No more hunting for episodes in your podcast app's podcast directory, or subscribing to a whole show for just one episode.
  • Gain podcast superpowers! Listen to audio from anywhere you want, anytime you want, in the podcast app you already love.
  • Stay organized! Use PodQueue's Like, Archive, and Search features to keep track of what you've saved and listened to.
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I love PodQueue because it saves all my favorite audio in one place. I can add podcasts on my “to listen” list and enjoy them without hopping from page to page. This site makes saving audio easy!! Check them out!”
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That's 3,406 hours of content saved to listen to later across 219 GB of audio!

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