PodQueue Referral Program: Give a Month, Get $5!

How it works:

(If you were signed in to PodQueue, your personal referral code and link would appear right here!)


How does the $5 credit work?

Every time someone who was referred by you subscribes to PodQueue Premium, you get a $5 credit applied to your account that will go towards your next subscription invoice.

How does the extra month free work?

When someone signs up using a referral code, they get one extra month (30 days) added to their free trial period. For example, if someone signs up using a referral code when the default free trial period is 15 days, they’ll have a 15 + 30 = 45 day free trial.

Can I use this to get PodQueue Premium for free indefinitely?

Yes! As long as you have enough credit in your account when you’re invoiced, you won’t be charged.

Do yearly and monthly subscribers get the same credit?

Yes, we apply a $5 credit whether you’re a monthly subscriber or a yearly subscriber.

When is the credit applied?

The credit is applied when a user referred by you successfully subscribes to PodQueue Premium.

How do I know when a credit has been applied?

Every time a credit is applied, we’ll email you with your current credit balance.

Can I refer friends while I’m on my free trial period?

Yes. Your referral rewards will still be applied to your account as $5 credits, which will be applied to your invoice when you subscribe.

Does it matter what kind of subscription my friend chooses?

No, you get the same reward either way.

Can I refer someone who’s already subscribed to PodQueue Premium?

No, this system is designed for introducing PodQueue to new customers only.