PodQueue vs. latr.fm

The major difference between PodQueue and latr.fm is that PodQueue will automatically extract links to audio from any web link and create a personalized podcast feed for you. While latr.fm will let you add web links, you must manually locate the associated link to the audio, if any is available. This means that many sites, such as YouTube, are difficult to use with latr.fm. With PodQueue, you can save links in seconds.

PodQueue also offers additional cross-platform, cross-browser ways to easily save links.

Latr.fm also lacks the option for public RSS feeds as well as like & archive features.

Feature PodQueue latr.fm
Personal RSS Feed
Public RSS Feeds
Manually add links to audio
Automatically extract links to audio
Browser Extensions
Siri Shortcut
Like/Archive Episodes
Personalized Search

These features combine to make PodQueue a more powerful, more convenient alternative to latr.fm.